What is Banting diet and who is it suitable for?

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If you decide to follow a new weight loss diet, you need to first make sure you know all the facts about it. The banting diet has been around for years, but it’s been a while since it came back into the limelight and people are following it. It is a high-fat, low-carb diet plan that fans often experience good weight loss after using. In this article, we took a look at this diet, its advantages and disadvantages, if you are interested in this diet, we suggest that you read this article.


What is the banting diet?

Unlike most weight loss diets, this diet has a long history and has been used since 1862. The inventor of this diet is a doctor who named it after an obese person named William Bentington, who was able to experience good weight loss by reducing his daily carbohydrate intake and using his body fat reserves.

This doctor published the experience of this food program in a pamphlet, which was later published as a diet book and was well received.

Recently, a scientist from South Africa adapted this diet and published his version, which has become popular. In this diet, four main meals rich in protein and fat are consumed.

Eating meat and fish in this program is allowed but limited and also receiving one fruit per day as a snack is allowed. The use of bread, beans, butter, milk, sugar, beans and potatoes is very limited in this diet plan.


How does the Banting diet work?

 This diet is divided into four main stages:

1: The first stage, which usually lasts for a week, the person acts according to his usual daily eating habits, and the body’s performance in relation to different foods, especially carbohydrates, should be checked. This stage is called observation.

2: The second stage, known as regeneration and restoration, takes about 2 to 12 weeks. At this stage, efforts are made to focus on the restoration of the intestines, and foods are divided into several different groups, and permitted and non-permitted food items will be determined for the individual. The purpose of this part of this diet is to accustom the body to this form of nutrition.

3:  The third stage is where we expect weight change and body transformation to manifest. This stage, which is called transformation, is a little more difficult than the previous one, and a person should only consume certain foods. This phase will continue until the person reaches their ideal weight.

4: The fourth stage, which is the final part of this diet, does not have a specific duration, it is the body’s reaction and the amount of weight loss that determines the end time of this stage, which is known as maintenance. In this part, the strictness becomes less and a person can choose his daily food from more groups.

At this stage, all the nutrients are tried to reach the body, at the same time, the amount of their intake is carefully checked. When a person reaches optimal conditions and his weight is fixed, he can leave the diet plan, but he must always pay attention to the amount of daily calorie intake.


What foods are allowed to eat in Banting diet?

The Banting Diet tries to get people away from processed foods (1) and encourages them to eat more whole foods. Consumption of gluten, starch, dairy and caffeine is limited in this food plan. The foods that you can use without restrictions in this diet are:

  •  Vegetables including leafy greens, onions and shallots, rhubarb, mushrooms and fennel
  •  Meat, fish, chicken, eggs and cheese
  •  Fermented foods including kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut
  •  Seasonings including vinegar, soy sauce
  •  Decaffeinated beverages including herbal and flavored teas, and plain water
  •  Fats such as avocado, butter and cream
  •  Fruits including lemons and limes, tomatoes and olives

There is also a list of useful foods that this diet believes people should eat less of at least until they reach their weight loss goals:

  •  nuts
  •  Dairy products include milk, yogurt and sour cream
  •  Fruits including apples, bananas, berries and oranges
  •  Vegetables including beets, squash, sweet corn, carrots and potatoes
  •  Caffeinated beverages including tea and coffee


Which foods are prohibited in Banting diet?

This diet limits the consumption of starchy, processed and sweet foods. Here we refer to the red list, which are prohibited to use during the diet.

  •  Smoothies and juices
  •  Treats and chocolates as well as dried fruits and honey
  •  Gluten-free grains such as oats, quinoa, rice, and buckwheat
  •  Flours include white flour and rice
  •  Fast food, chips, foods with added sugar and sweetened condiments such as ketchup
  •  All sweets and non-dark chocolates, jams, syrups
  •  Barley, rye, semolina, cereals and wheat
  •  Foods containing grains such as breakfast cereals and crackers
  •  Full-fat creams, processed cheeses, condensed milk and ice cream
  •  Processed oil sprays, corn oil, margarine and refined sunflower oil
  •  Processed meats, highly processed sausages and meats cooked with sugar
  •  Energy drinks, carbonated drinks, commercial fruit juices and milkshakes


What are the most important benefits of Banting diet?

 Studies have shown that when we limit carbohydrates in our diet, the body is stimulated to use stored fat for energy(2). Some of the benefits mentioned for this diet are:

1- Weight Loss

Since this diet causes fat burning, weight loss and improvement in body mass index (BMI) is one of the positive results of following it.

2- Increase energy

Fat burning preserves the energy in the body’s muscles and as a result may increase your body’s performance and endurance during exercise.

3- Better blood sugar control

Thanks to this diet, we will see a decrease in fasting insulin levels, which may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

4- Reduce the risk of heart disease

Due to the lower levels of circulating fat (triglycerides) and cholesterol that follow this diet, it may have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

5- Improve appetite control

Lowering triglyceride levels seems to have a positive effect on the hormone leptin, which allows us to feel hungry later and resist tasty foods more.

6- Improve sleep

This may be an indirect benefit of weight loss, or perhaps it’s because such diets boost a brain chemical called adenosine, which helps regulate sleep.


Is it safe to follow the banting diet in the long term?

 William Banting lived without problems for 20 years after losing weight, but there is no official evidence or scientific reason for the long-term safety of following this diet plan.

Nutritionists recommend that people use all the nutritious food needed by the body (3) in a balanced amount so that they face less illness and physical problems.

Long-term adherence to the Banting diet increases the risk of calcium depletion in the body and may negatively affect bone health. Of course, we need more research to clarify the long-term consequences of following this diet plan.

Following any diet that restricts the use of certain foods, such as a vegetarian or raw vegan diet, can be challenging for your health.

Consuming foods such as whole grains and legumes is also necessary for the body, that’s why it seems that after achieving weight loss goals, the diet should be more balanced and reduce the amount of strictness of this food plan.

This diet plan may be useful for people who are overweight, have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.


Who should not follow the banting diet?

Doctors recommend that you consult your general practitioner and nutritionist before starting any new diet. Especially if you are under 18 years old, elderly or have a special disease for which you take medicine continuously.


What are the side effects of Banting diet?

Some people who followed this diet complain of increased bad breath, the reason for this problem is ketosis, consuming more fat may cause ammonia to be released in the body, which has an unpleasant smell.

Fatigue and nausea are other side effects of long-term use of this diet that some people reported. Hair loss is also one of the side effects that some people reported. Sometimes following a special diet reduces some nutrients and vitamins in the human body, which is good.

A person should take a complete blood test and if a deficiency of certain nutrients is observed in his body, he should use food supplements under the supervision of a doctor to have a balanced diet and maintain the general health of his body.

If you feel that your normal life process is disturbed while following this diet, contact your nutritionist as soon as possible to check whether your illness and poor condition are related to this diet.


What is a sample of a one-day banting diet menu?

Here we refer to a sample menu of Banting’s diet so that you can see what foods a person consumes in a day following this diet. Looking at this menu will give you an idea if following this diet plan will appeal to you or if you should go for another diet to lose weight.

Pay attention, the food plan of this diet can be varied for different days, but one should always pay attention not to consume the foods on the red list.


  • It includes eggs, a piece of meat and a combination of spinach burani


  • Fried fish in natural oil, vegetable salad and vinegar sauce


  • Mixed vegetables without bread, including a combination of vegetables of your choice fried in extra virgin natural oil with avocado

Many people who are overweight and have tried different diets are looking for a suitable diet plan. If you are a fan of fat and meat and it is not too difficult for you not to eat carbohydrates, the banting diet may be a good idea for you.

Do not start this meal plan or any other diet until you fully understand this food winner and have not consulted your doctor about it. Any new food plan and change in life habits may have symptoms and side effects, as long as these side effects do not threaten human health and do not disrupt the natural process, it will be easy to follow.

Banting’s diet recommends exercise and regular exercise and also emphasizes that people should avoid consuming extra calories daily.

Weight loss happens when we consume fewer calories on a daily basis. This diet has been used for years and is not very new and untested like other diet plans. Recently, Banting’s diet recommends exercise and regular exercise and also emphasizes that people avoid taking extra calories daily.

Weight loss happens when we consume fewer calories on a daily basis. This diet has been used for years and is not very new and untested like other diet plans.

Recently, many reforms have been made in this diet, which seems to have made it more compatible with the needs of today’s people. It is reported that this diet is very useful for diabetics and those with high blood pressure.

Also, people experienced good weight loss with this diet. Experts recommend that you do not stop your diet immediately after losing weight, but it is necessary to get a new specific diet plan tailored to your conditions, which aims to maintain weight and stability.

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