What is the Shangri-La diet?

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One of the strangest diets to gain popularity recently is the Shangri-La diet. You should have 1-2 tablespoons of sugar water twice a day or 1-3 tablespoons of mild olive oil between meals when following this diet. Our bodies prefer palatable foods with a lot of flavor. You always yearn for great cuisine because of this. You overeat as a result of this and put on weight. The Shangri-La diet’s proponents assert that by eating foods like sugar water and olive oil, which have the same number of calories but less flavor, you may train your body not to associate flavor with calories. Your body starts to eat less over time. Consider this claim to be sensible, do you? We shall look at this diet in the sections that follow.


What is the Shangri-La diet?

According to the Shangri-La Diet, you should think of your weight as a stabilizing weight. With this in mind, consider whether consuming certain meals may help you break free from this stuck weight before consuming them.(1)

This fixed weight is referred to as the set point in this program. This diet gives ways to resist the urge to eat appetizing meals. For instance, cover your nose to prevent yourself from smelling delicious meals! or consume foreign foods, as the chemicals in foreign foods lower the set point.

For instance, to add a different flavor, sprinkle cinnamon on your pizza! You are urged to eat as few bland foods as possible when following this diet, such as vegetable purees, basic soup broth, and bread without butter.


How effective is the Shangri-La diet?

This diet’s creator, Roberts, thinks that everyone of us has an inner “set point” that indicates the weight we desire to be. He claims that by ingesting modest amounts of sugar water or mild olive oil throughout the day, you can lower your set point.

According to the diet, extremely appetizing foods raise your set point and induce hunger sensations, which lead to weight gain. This diet plan advises cutting back on tasteless food intake to stop this yearning.

You might even wear a nasal clip to shield yourself from food odors. However, the reality is that following this diet and consuming bland foods is incredibly monotonous.


What advantages does the Shangri-La diet offer?

1. Getting the body accustomed to eating less

“Choose any weight loss program without hunger” is the tagline for this diet. This diet aims to liberate you from the concept of eating food by teaching your body that you only need a minimal amount of food to thrive.

You can eat whatever you want once you train your body to crave less food because it no longer needs as much. Eating small amounts of anything is not harmful. However, despite the diet’s catchphrase, you will constantly be hungry.

Too many calories and food reductions are highly bad for your health. The Shangri-La Diet advocates eating bland meals like mashed potatoes, despite its assertion that nothing should be left out of your diet if you want to succeed in losing weight.

As a result, you unintentionally cut out tasty items from your diet. According to this diet, all you need to do to lose weight is add a modest amount of light olive oil or sugar water to your normal meal intake.

2. It has no particular program.

The Shangri-La diet has no set foods. Between meals, your weight loss plan calls for 300 calories in sugar water or light olive oil.

Any form of combined food and mashed veggies can be used to make meals. It is advised to frequently nibble on fruit. The following are some of the regulations for this system:

  • One hour before or after meals, sip sugar water;
  • Use a tablespoon of sugar in a glass of water to lose roughly 9 kilograms.
  • Use two tablespoons of sugar to lose 9 to 18 kilos.
  • Use three teaspoons of sugar to shed more than 18 kilos;
  • To tame your appetite, consume up to four tablespoons of mild olive oil per day.

3. There is no calorie counting.

The Shangri-La diet has the additional benefits of not requiring calorie counting, having no restricted items, and being reasonably priced.


Problems with the Shangri-La diet

“I’ve actually tried the Shangri-La diet on a few of my patients, and the results haven’t been encouraging,” claims Erica Schwartz, a doctor and life coach in New York City who is also the author of many top-selling nutrition and health books. The following are other issues with the Shangri-La diet:

  1. This diet consists of bland meals.
  2. Nothing in Shangri-La suggests that you incorporate exercise into your overall weight loss strategy.
  3. There is no proof that sugar water or olive oil are better at suppressing your appetite than other low-calorie snacks.
  4. No studies or research have shown that including sugar, water, and olive oil in an unhealthy diet can cause weight loss.
  5. None of our nutritionists advocate Shangri-La as a method for sustained weight loss.


Nutritionists’ thoughts on the Shangri-La diet

Nutritionists assert that people who have tried the Shangri-La diet grow weary of eating repeated dishes and olive oil. Experts advise against adopting this diet. You can incorporate sugar water and olive oil into your long-term weight loss plan if it helps you manage your hunger.

Of course, since drinking sugary water in excess might cause diabetes, you should exercise caution when doing so. However, some research suggests that olive oil may help people feel fuller for longer.

A small 2013 study discovered that simply using the scent of olive oil or adding it proved to promote satiety. Researchers evaluated yogurt with olive oil flavoring in this study and discovered that the group that ate plain yogurt consumed 176 more calories daily on average than the group that ate yogurt with olive oil flavoring.

The Shangri-La diet makes the idea that savory and fragrant foods make you fat one of its primary principles. In some circumstances, this might be the case, but it is undoubtedly not the complete story.

There are countless possibilities for delicious and nutritious meal recipes that taste wonderful, are low in calories, and can even aid in weight loss. Other elements that are useful in controlling weight, such as exercise, were not taken into account by the Shangri-La program.

No recommendations are made regarding the quantity or kind of food to eat. According to this diet, people will eat less if they use sugar water and olive oil in their everyday routine.

It is impossible to make a claim about how a momentary decrease in hunger will function to achieve long-term outcomes in weight loss without taking into account the more fundamental factors of weight control.

You have learned everything there is to know about the Shangri-La diet by reading this article. Shangri-La’s diet has no variety of food at all, despite what it advertises. It is challenging to adhere to the Shangri-La diet because its major suggestion is to eat bland meals.

It is preferable to select a weight loss plan that has the endorsement of experts. It is a healthy, straightforward diet with a wide variety of foods, so you never get bored with it.

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