American diet: incredible 4kg weight loss in a week

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One of the diets trending these days is the American diet plan. You may want to know more about this diet and its goal, so read this article carefully and then decide.

The reason for the emergence of the American diet

About 70% of the population over 50 in the United States is overweight, and about one-third is classified as obese. The health effects of obesity cost the United States $ 190 billion annually.

An Oxford University study found that an obese person has a life expectancy of 3 to 10 years less than the average person.

This means that if you are overweight, you risk shortening your life as a smoker. As we know, losing weight is not easy, and after the age of 50, it becomes more difficult due to a slowing metabolism, muscle breakdown, and decreased hormone secretion.

What to do with middle-aged fitness

Seventeen years ago, the National Institutes of Health examined the impact of diet and lifestyle on the incidence of cancer and other diseases in half a million people aged 50 and older.

Over the past few years, this research has provided a wealth of information on nutrition’s dos and don’ts and achieving a healthy, long life. We understand how certain foods affect our bodies, so we can modify our diet to stay healthy and lose weight.

More than 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes and one in three deaths are overweight, malnourished, or sedentary. In addition, your risk of premature death increases even if you are only half a kilo heavy.

This information and statistics caused concern among American researchers, so they invented a new method called the American diet.

7-day American diet

Instead of focusing on calorie counting or eliminating a food group, the American diet focuses on healthy, whole foods rather than unhealthy, processed foods.

The person who created this diet thinks that the weekly instructions will help people lose weight and get more energy by telling them what to eat.

1. Eat breakfast every day.

Eating a healthy breakfast rich in protein, fruits, and whole grains will help keep your insulin levels steady throughout the morning. In addition, it prevents you from overeating.

A study of 4,000 people who lost weight and maintained it for up to six years found that people who ate breakfast daily lost more weight. Even these people can keep their weight constant better than others.

Suggest this diet for breakfast: Egg sandwich with strawberries or whole grains with low-fat milk and bananas

2. Drink more water.

Most of us don’t know how many calories come into our bodies from drinking soft drinks, juices, and other foods. It is recommended to not drink anything except water and coffee for two weeks and see the results.

This abstinence also includes diet drinks, because research has shown that diet drinks increase the body’s craving for sugary foods and calories.

3. Eat fish.

Fish is an essential component of the American diet. Fish is low in calories and high in nutrients. Its omega-3 fatty acids are good for brain health.

Studies show that this substance reduces the risk of some cancers and improves some inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. On the other hand, this risk goes up when you eat red meat and processed foods like hot dogs and sausages.

4: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Some diets say that you shouldn’t eat fruits and vegetables, but studies show that eating both fruits and vegetables every day makes you live longer. Researchers have found that eating these antioxidant-rich foods also helps with weight loss.

5: Eat whole grains.

Whole grains are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Regular consumption of whole grains such as whole-wheat bread, whole-grain pasta, and brown rice reduces the risk of heart disease, respiratory disease, and some cancers, including colon and breast cancer.

In addition, they help you lose weight and eliminate belly fat.


Other points to consider in the American diet

1: Beware of diet foods

It is impossible to say precisely how many people have gained weight due to consuming foods labeled “low fat” or “lean.” These products are processed with sugar to compensate for the taste of fat.

Because many “diet” foods are highly processed, their nutrients are lost and calories are added to your body.

2. Do not eat out for two weeks.

Eating out is associated with potential problems. You often do not pay attention to the amount when you eat out. This causes you to eat more than usual.

3: Check food labels

Studies by the US Department of Health and Human Services show that, on average, women who read food labels are 4 kilograms lighter than those who do not. You do not need a calculator. Just scan the label for calories and other nutrients.

4: Eat a snack

The main point of the American diet is one of its promises. Data show that people who eat snacks twice a day lose more weight than those who eat three full meals.

One snack should be between breakfast and lunch and the other between lunch and dinner. Snacking helps keep insulin levels steady, which can keep you from getting hungry and eating too much at lunch and dinner. Nuts, carrots, and hummus or a piece of fruit are great snacks.

5: Chew gum

It is interesting to know that chewing gum can help you lose weight. Chewing gum sends signals of satiety hormones to the brain. If you are accustomed to eating small things, this will help you get less food.

It is better to use sugar-free gums because their type of sugar causes tooth decay.


TIP: The solutions in this diet seem very healthy, but contrary to its title, it cannot be considered a 7-day diet because these solutions do not work in just seven days. This diet should become a lifestyle to help you lose weight.

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