How much weight can you lose on a 17 day diet?

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The best-selling 17 day diet book makes the claim that it will give readers guidance on how to boost body fat burning and aid in weight loss while forming wholesome habits. This diet’s success depends on lowering daily calorie consumption and adhering to the predetermined food combinations for the four different time periods. Because it must constantly estimate how much food it should process and digest, the person’s metabolism remains in a constant state of fat burning when following this diet. We shall discuss the several sorts of diets that are currently quite popular, along with their efficacy, in a separate article. You should also consider the ketogenic diet before attempting any crash diets.


What is the 17 day diet exactly, and where did it originate?

Mike Moreno published a book that introduced the 17-day regimen to the world, which received positive reviews. This diet plan’s goal is described as being speedy and healthy weight loss, and it is asserted that following it will result in a person not feeling overly hungry.

Additionally, this diet guarantees that followers will lose 4.5 to 6.5 kilograms in the first 17 days. The goal of this regimen is to somewhat confuse the body so that it cannot adjust to the circumstances. It is advised to engage in sports with a different cycle.

By doing this, the individual burns more fat while also speeding up their weight reduction and increasing their metabolism (fuel).(1) Although the 17 day diet’s recommendations for good eating and exercise have not been scientifically verified, they can aid in weight loss.

The amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients in this diet is within the generally accepted ranges. This diet is adaptable and does not have a serious nutritional issue that would be harmful to one’s health. It does, however, necessitate the use of particular recipes and can be quite expensive to follow.


What is the process of the 17 day diet?

This diet seeks to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way, and it claims to have been created by doctors. The program’s presenter, Moreno, a family physician from California, claims that the meals are split into four 17-day cycles to reduce monotony and help the body adjust to the diet. Here, we go into great detail regarding these four cycles.


initial cycle

The person obtains approximately 1200 calories per day in this stage, which is referred to as “accelerate.” Daily sugar consumption is also decreased, and emphasis is placed on enhancing digestion.

When a person loses the most weight, this is when it happens. Even though the majority of the weight lost during this phase is water, 4–5 kilos of weight will be shed during this 17-day period.

second cycle

The person will slightly increase their calorie intake during this 17-day phase, also known as “activate,” which helps to normalize the metabolism and encourages the body to burn fat so that it can drop 2 to 3 kilograms once more.

3rd cycle

The stabilization, accomplishment, and final conclusion phases of the third cycle are called the achieve phase. You can stabilize your weight by eating well and in moderation throughout the week while still enjoying your favorite meals.

fourth cycle

This stage, called “Arrive,” aims to support a person in keeping healthy habits throughout their lives. The previous three-cycle meal plan may be followed throughout these 17 days, and a person is free to indulge in his favorite foods as often as he likes—but no more frequently than three times per week.

During this time, a person must engage in rigorous exercise at least twice per week. Intense sports training is still required. According to this diet, a person should use weights and engage in cardiovascular exercise in addition to at least 17 minutes of daily exercise.

Six days a week of exercise should be maintained for the first three cycles. Along with adhering to some general principles, those who follow this diet are permitted to include lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables, low-sugar fruits, and natural carbohydrates in their meals.

It is advised to utilize green tea in this diet and make use of its fat-fighting abilities. Green tea, according to advocates of this diet, stops the development of fatty tissue in blood vessels.

In addition to offering advice for various eating customs and countries, this meal plan offers recipes for staying on a diet when traveling, dining out, and on vacation. The intriguing aspect of this diet is that it offers unique programs even for ladies experiencing PMS.

Does the 17 day diet aid in weight loss?

You might be able to lose weight with this diet. This plan’s recommendations for a balanced diet and frequent exercise can help someone lose weight as long as they adhere to them without complaining or feeling fatigued.

The cycles mentioned in this diet program may or may not result in weight loss, and the notion of “body confusion” has not yet been validated. There have been several accounts of how this diet plan has helped many people lose weight.

The quantity of weight reduction varies from person to person, and a new publication of this diet even suggests that people take their activity more seriously. This diet emphasizes calories and has a specific strategy for each individual meal.

This diet contains all the necessary dietary groups, including protein, fat, grains, carbohydrates, vitamins, and nutrients, but excess calories have been avoided whenever possible.

Nutritionists typically do not support short-term diets or those that aim for rapid weight loss since they place more emphasis on steady and sustainable weight loss.

It is preferable for a person to be under the supervision of a nutritionist and obtain a customized program based on his weight and physical condition in order to reach his optimum weight. Otherwise, it could be challenging to reach your weight-loss objectives.


What benefits and drawbacks come with following the 17 day diet?

Its primary benefits include regularizing the diet and promoting ongoing activity, which are advised to people while following this diet. This diet offers a wide variety of foods and does not let food enthusiasts down or deter them from eating.

Since preparing all varieties of fish, meat, and fresh foods is advised in this diet, its cost is high, and it is not a good compromise with regard to financial savings.

The diet cycles last no longer than 17 days, allowing a person to enjoy a good variety without being disappointed or worn out from sticking to a long-term diet plan.

A person following this diet has no particular difficulty leaving the house, and if he follows the guidelines, he can even visit a restaurant.

Even the person’s hectic working and vacation days are planned separately so that he won’t experience mental stress while on the diet and his daily life won’t be disrupted and lose its quality.

This diet’s meals satisfy hunger without making a person feel full. This diet plan strongly advises eating veggies, so it is not suggested for those who do not eat them.

People can choose their meals from a wide variety of food instructions in the book for this diet. Nutritionists have not yet endorsed diets like the 17 day diet, although numerous studies suggest probiotics as a means of aiding both weight loss and general health.

Consuming complete meals, working out frequently, and developing other healthy habits can all help you lose weight and keep it off over the long term. Exercise and losing weight also help avoid diabetes and heart disease.

In addition to eating healthfully, controlling blood pressure and raising good HDL cholesterol are also possible. Finally, a low-fat, low-salt diet has the potential to lower harmful LDL blood cholesterol.

The 17 day diet recommends all of these things. This diet, which is high in protein, should be avoided by those who have kidney disease. Before beginning this diet program, individuals with particular conditions must speak with their doctor.


What foods are permitted and prohibited during the 17 day diet?

This diet advises ingesting lean proteins, probiotics, antioxidant-rich foods, and healthy fats. This diet program also forbids the consumption of sugar, processed meals, salty foods, and fried foods.

Starchy vegetables and sweet fruits are also not allowed in the first cycle, but they are allowed in the third and fourth cycles with restrictions. A person is permitted to supplement their meal plan with drinks and snacks that have 100 calories as the diet goes on.

In this diet, it is suggested that people limit their fruit intake to only eating them up until 2:00 p.m. and then refrain from eating any fruit after that to prevent the metabolism system from being upset.

This diet encourages the consumption of good fats like olive oil and soybean oil and gives the consumer complete control over their intake.

The gluten-free diet promotes the consumption of foods high in fiber, which may aid in weight loss. For those who enjoy eating these items, this diet is particularly compatible with Mediterranean and Asian cuisine and is quite simple to follow.


Foods that are permitted on this diet include:


  • Chicken
  • Low-fat fish



  • Peach
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Berries



  • Cabbage varieties
  • mushroom
  • Radish
  • carrot
  • an onion
  • okra
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • pepper
  • Green, leafy vegetables



  • All herbal seasonings
  • Vinegar
  • salsa sauce
  • Tomato sauce without salt
  • pickles
  • spices


Although salt and pepper can be used on this diet, they shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities. This diet allows the consumption of natural sweets and jam prepared with natural sugar, but it forbids the consumption of cakes, sweets, and sugar.

This diet severely discourages eating sugar, and those following its guidelines make every effort to avoid it. The program’s exercise component begins with only 17 minutes a day of moderate activity, such as walking.

After this point, aerobic exercise quickly climbs to 40 to 60 minutes per day on average. Before beginning this fitness regimen, people with heart disease or any other medical condition should visit their doctor.



Whether or not the 17 day diet increases a person’s metabolism, it offers dietary recommendations and activity tips that might aid in weight loss.

This regimen offers enough calories for exercise and daily activities even during the most restrictive phase. The diet’s maintenance phase is believed to strongly support a person’s reduced weight.

Finding enough time to buy and prepare the meals recommended in this diet can be a little difficult if one has to dine out, is on the go, or has a busy schedule at work.

Although the 17 day diet has a strategy for these situations, in general, traveling and working a lot make it tough to stick to the diet, which demands a lot of motivation.

Probiotic preparation costs a lot of money, and occasionally the promised amount of weight loss and nutrition improvement is not achieved. Before beginning the 17-day eating regimen, patients with heart or kidney illnesses should visit their doctor.

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